Sample Club Kit

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Each Club Kit consists of three main parts:
  1. The audio/video link
  2. The listener’s script for the Club Members/English Learners
  3. The Volunteer’s Conversation Starter questions
For each Club Kit, you can click on the programme title to read/hear the program, download the audio file, watch the video, etc. Click on “Falling in Love” for an example:
How do people fall in love? Bruce Gulland and Liz Waid look at the science behind the emotion of love. Could you fall in love with a stranger just by asking questions?
  • Click on the link below to download the sample Listener’s Script for this programme, which you would send to the English Learners in your Club:
  • Click on the link below to¬†download the Volunteer’s Conversation Starter Questions–these would be for the Club Leader only to help get everyone in the group thinking and speaking in English: